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Featured USA Courses


Cryptocurrency Essentials

This course is designed for a range of participants, such as people in traditional financial institutions, money services businesses, investment firms or insurance agencies. Those in the cryptocurrency industry can skip quickly through the “how it works” chapter to focus on criminal activity, money laundering and terrorist financing. Law enforcement professionals will bring their own perspective to the section on regulatory compliance and investigation.

Purchase - $84.00


Flag the Money™ 1 for Financial Institutions

Tamlo's comprehensive online course for Financial Institutions includes Carl's Story, interactive exercises, real-life examples, fictional scenarios and interviews with industry experts.

Purchase - $84.00

Flag the Money™ 1 for Money Services Businesses

Tamlo's clear, concise training program includes Carl's Story, an overview of how money laundering works and the specific details MSB agents and employees need to know.

Purchase - $34.00

Senale el dinero™ 1: Empresas de servicios monetarios

Senale el Dinero está diseñado específicamente para empleados y agentes de empresas de servicios monetarios. El curso incluye Carl’s Story, un video convincente sobre una banda de lavadores de dinero.

Compra - $34.00

Financial Abuse of Older Adults Online Course

Tamlo is proud to present our award-winning 35-minute course, Financial Abuse of Older Adults: Recognize, Review and Respond.

Purchase - $49.00